I never intended to write poetry. I didn't sit down one day and say,...

I never intended to write poetry. I didn't sit down one day and say, Hey, I'd like to be a poet. Writing poetry just sort of happened for me.

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Over the years however, I have spent time researching and studying the ways in which poetry can be constructed. There is a ton of information out there. Just google, How to write poetry, and you'll be hit with more sources than you'll ever get through.

Im not trying to knock this information; most of it is good and helpful. BUT, do you really want to know the one thing you should do if you want to write poetry?

Read poetry!

Immerse yourself in it. Read poems from the Ancient Greeks, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, poetry being written todayRead poems from multiple countriesjust read.

Reading is the number one teacher for any style of writing. If you want to write short stories, you should be reading short stories. If you want to write a crime novel, you should be reading crime novels.

So if you want to write poetry, the number one thing you must make time for is to read poetry.

Make a goal for yourself to read a poem a day. Poets.org has a poem of the day, and you can sign up to have the poem of the day emailed to you. Every morning when you check your email (and I know you check it every morning), you can start off your day with a new poem.

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