Auf Wiedersehen Amerika

Here on my blog, you will find my thoughts, experiences, pictures, questions, and whatever else I decide to add to this little place I created 2 years ago. This little place I created to write about what I thought would be a once in a lifetime experience. Holy smokes, how my life has changed since then! If you are interested in what I have to say/ what I am up to, I really suggest that you "follow" my blog to receive my posts via e-mail. I have no idea when or how often I will be writing, so that is the easiest way to keep up without getting frustrated with me for not being very punctual.

As the title says, "Auf Wiedersehen Amerika!" Saying goodbye to my family and friends was a lot different feeling than I thought it would be. Not that I wasn't sad to leave them, and I will miss them all so much, but inside me, it just didn't feel real. It still doesn't feel real. A few weeks ago when I asked my dad if he was going to miss me, he answered, "No. This is just part of life." Although he was slightly joking, he is so right. Growing up and doing something different than what everyone else is doing and something out of your comfort zone is just a part of life. Everyone does it at different times in different places, and in different ways.

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I flew out of the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport on July 21st. My flight was to leave at 10:55 a.m., but because I was flying international, I had to be thereat 7 a.m. I checked in my luggage, and headed for security. I always prepare for the worst, because a 19 year old girl carrying a designer handbag is always a huge airport threat. And guess what?! I was "randomly selected" again. I sometimes think that I am wearing a huge sticker on my forehead that says, "Please make my airport experience the worst possible. Thank you." The woman took what seemed like 6 hours to piece by piece go through every single thing in my carry-on bag. As always *cough* there was nothing worth the 10 minutes to look at. Please let me know if you have any ideas of how I can successfully go through airport security without being stopped. Thank you.I found my gate, hung out there for 2 hours, and then was Chicago bound! That flight was okay; I "slept" the entire 50 minutes. Once in Chicago, I found the flight information board and just about dropped to the ground when I realized how far I had to walk. It normally wouldn't be a problem, but I was probably carrying 30 pounds on each shoulder. Great. (If you want to look it up online, it is from the end of concourse C to the end of concourse K.)After a 3 hour layover, I was boarding a plane to take me away from the United States for one year. I was happy to find that the seat next to me was empty; I was unhappy to find that there was not a TV monitor to entertain me for 8.5 hours. Oh well! That's what books and thoughts are for, right?

I landed in Dsseldorf on July 22nd at 7:30 a.m. local time (12:30 a.m. at home.) Surprisingly, I felt great! Walking toward the German customs, as always, was terrifying. I cannot believe that I did that as a 17 year old with no knowledge of what I was actually doing. Because of my great success with airport security *eye roll*, I was expecting there to be issues, because why wouldn't there be? Wow, was I wrong. The man didn't even say one word to me. Not even "good morning." He just took my passport, stamped it, and sent me on my way. Wahooo! I got my luggage, and was free to take on Germany for the year!

Since being here, I have settled in, tried to catch up on sleep, and reunited with my best friend again after one year. There is not much more to report as of right now, but stay tuned!

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