Will The Revenant get Dicaprio his first Oscar?

It's been less than 24 hours since the teaser trailer for Leonardo Dicaprio's hotly anticipated movie The Revenant hit the web and people are going crazy for it. Will the unofficial king of the internet finally get his Oscar?

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The early sings are good, I must admit. The Revenant is directed and written by acclaimed filmmaker Alejandro Gonzlez Irritu who gave us last year one of the most profound and authentic movie going experiences in recent history with this little movie called Birdman, Best Picture winner at the Academy Awards.

The Revenant is based partially on the life of Hugh Glass (Dicaprio), a 19th century frontiersman and fur trapper, who after surviving a vicious bear attack, gets abandoned by his companions and seeks revenge.

The cinematography in the trailer looks absolutely outstanding, but this should not come as a surprise. Remember that long continuous shot in Birdman? The guy behind it, Emmanuel Lubezki, is also in charge of The Revenant's cinematography.

The Revenant reunites Leo Dicaprio with the incredibly talented Tom Hardy. They did together Inception back in 2010, and we all know how big of a hit that was.

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